Step 4: The Home Stretch!

Your LibraNet BBS applet needs to be customized with some basic info to authenticate your user account and unique ID. You won't be doing too much typing with a clickwheel, but it's important other users know who you "are" to trust you and allow you access to their bulletins.

LibraNet Authentication Details
Don't share this!

When in range of a supported repeater this will be the highest-priority bulletin to download updates from.

Once generated, here's what to do with the downloaded applet file:

  1. With your iPod still connected to USB and booted into LibraNet's custom firmware, drag the applet into the root folder of the removable media labelled "LibraPod"
  2. Once the applet has transferred and is in the root folder, eject the media from your file system.
  3. Unplug the iPod from USB and hold down the power button to cycle it through a new boot process (A.K.A restart it)
  4. Your iPod should boot with a message "Finding repeaters for updates" upon turning back on!

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