December's Volunteer of the Month:

Thank you George Richards!

Known as "Mr. Richards" by most people close to him, this volunteer has been serving the LibraNet community since it expanded to the East Coast and has been a fervent lobbier of the effort in his small hometown of Shippensburg, PA.

When we select our monthly volunteer, we ask them to write a short statement detailing their contributions to LibraNet. Here is what George Richards had to say:

Thank you to the kind folks at LibraNet, espsecially Larry, who have helped this genial project grow into the global service we all enjoy today. It warms my hear to see a low to no-cost option for getting connected still exist in this country, and I'm glad we have been able to maintain our network of public repeaters operational for years now with very little incident. I urge any readers who are not regular donators to consider helping our cause further.

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