Step 3: Software Switcheroo

I think you've successfully dismantled, replaced the logic board, connected the modem, and re-assembled your iPod by now right? Here's where the software comes in. We're going to format the device's hard drive and flash a UNIX kernel onto it. You will want some equipment.

Equipment Needed:

The Install Process:

  1. Plug in your iPod via that connector doo-hicky you have lying around.
  2. With USB power and data connected, the logic board will present itself as an ejectable storage medium to your computer.
  3. With the newly formatted removable media, make a copy of the existing iPod firmware onto your SD card or flash drive. This is a good backup in case of failure.
  4. Format that storage medium for good measure.
  5. Once formatted and wiped like new, we will load that ISO onto the hard drive and install it into our new ARM processor.
  6. Make some tea or dinner while you wait. We're talking USB 1.1 speeds and a mechanical 5400 RPM internal PoS drive. This will take a bit.

Once your ISO is tranferred and the iPod screen displays a LibraNet logo on boot, we're ready for step 4! Click here!

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