Welcome to Larry's LibraNet Guide: Getting Connected on the Cheap!

Here, we will teach you how to access some of the globe's best bulletins — free of charge and free of the man!

You will want some basic electrical engineering/soldering experience as well as have access to a few widely-available gadgets. This site's walkthrough uses the iPod 3rd generation from Apple Computer. These can be procured for commodified, low-cost prices on second-hand outlets.

Are you scared? Want to turn around? You can always go back to an index of other pages: Hoo Neocities (Driscoll Class 3504).

If you're curious about what a BBS is, Larry has an FAQ page for you

So with this all being said, how do we turn this music player into a LibraNet BBS client?

Below is a summary of what's needed. For a full breakdown of each individual step, click that bulleted item's hyperlink.

  1. Let's first swap the logic board for my PCB
  2. Let's add the wireless modem into the free space in the case from the new, smaller logic board
  3. Let's get a UNIX kernel flashed onto this thing
  4. Let's import the LibraNet BBS Reciever applet
  5. We're off to the races! You can now walk around and download/upload updates with your iPod communicator. Synchronizing can happen at home-base for seeing messages on the big screen and properly typing responses back to them.

Volunteer of the Month: George Richards from Shippensburg, PA

Bulletin of the Month: "E39 Tuners!" Hosted in Croatia

LibraNet is the world's largest redistributed e-bulletin service, functioning as an open-access network to connect all kinds of communities. We are distriubuting airwaves in nearly every major urban center of the world and in some smaller locales as volunteers set up more repeaters. If you would like to establish a repeater service of your own, please contact this email address to get in touch with our operator service.